Spring Nails

Spring Nails

The S word has been a hot topic of many a blog post since February and with every hint of sunshine through grey clouds I hoped and preyed that it had finally arrived – come on Spring you can do it!

Last weekend I was hopeful that spring had finally sprung, but with sleet and rain returned this week I have given up all hope that my legs will ever see the light of day again and thoughts of wearing floaty skirts and sitting in beer gardens of a Sunday will just have to remain wistful dreams.

So if my wardrobe is going to have to remain winter based the least I can do is give my nails a taste of summer – enter OPI Hawaii Collection.

After month upon month of deep red and burgundies my nail polish collection was in desperate need of a spring makeover and I picked up three gorgeous spring shades. First up is ‘Can’t Afjord Not To’ which is a beautifully bright tangerine shade and a refreshing change from my usual default red. My second pick was a lovely pale minty green shade called ‘That’s Hula-arious’ which remind me of Candy Apple from Essie which I had been meaning to buy for a while now. And just because I couldn’t help myself, I picked up a third shade which is a cute bubblegum pink called ‘Shorts Story’. I love the  OPI names!

I have worn all three shades now and am really impressed with how well they lasted with two coats. Normally nail polish would start to flake off my nails after a few shades but I’ve been able to wear these for about six days with no problems and that’s without using a top coat. I remembered from back in the day that OPI polishes took quiet a while to dry and with patience not being my strongpoint I also picked up the OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops which I would high recommend. One drop on each nail and two minutes later your good to go with no smudges.