Review: Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

Review: Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

I would have never thought of using a cleaning oil until it was recommended to me by a friend in work. I have combination skin to the extreme – suffering on and off with dry skin and eczema on my forehead and every now and then I’ll also have a breakout. The thought of putting extra oil onto my skin is a terrifying prospect when you suffer from spots.

After searching for cleansing oils on I found Origins Clean Energy. It says on the website that this product is suitable for dry skin which initially put me off as I have both dry and oily areas of my face, however in one of the customer reviews someone had been singing the praises of the product for their acne prone skin so I was sold.

I don’t have many other Origins products but it’s always been a brand that appeals to me. I love the packaging, the brand ethos and it’s natural, chemical-free, ingredients.

To use Clean Energy pour (or pump) a small amount of oil into your hand and smooth over your dry face. I like to take time massaging it in as it smells amazing and feels really soothing. It instantly dissolves all make up instantly, including my virtually indestructible Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. Once you wet your hands with water a little the clear oil begins to turn milky coloured. Massage in for a few seconds more and then rise with warm water and you’re done! My skin has never felt so soft straight after cleaning.

I have been using this product for around four months now (one bottle lasts me around 2 months) and I love it! It does not make my skin oily, if anything it helps to calm down any break outs. It seems to help my skin maintain its natural moisture levels (without stripping it and leaving my face feel tight) as well as smoothing away dry patches.