Meeting Lorraine Kelly

Meeting Lorraine Kelly

I am extremely sorry to say that blogging is not my full time job and that I do in fact have a full time day job in marketing – you know for paying the mortgage, buying food and other mighty boring things like that. I doubt that I will be blogging much about the day job as to be honest, it’s not that interesting – but every now and then there is a perk.

This week there was an absolutely amazing perk – I got to meet Lorraine Kelly herself, the undisputed queen of breakfast television, as well as having a meet and greet with the team of Good Morning Britain presenters. After 30 years of TV presenting and celebrity interviewing Lorraine certainly had a few tales to tell and it was fascinating to see exactly what went on behind the scenes on live TV. Whilst GMB was being filmed I got to visit the gallery where the editors, producer and director work (along with a whole load of other important people) and it’s clearly a highly pressured environment to work in. From this room right next to the studio the team monitor other news channels, talk to the presenters and control which camera is shooting.

I then got to stand on set while Lorraine shot her show. She makes it look so easy on TV but she is a multi-tasker believe me. Moments before she’s back on air she’s finalising the script with the editor then one minute she’s talking fashion with Mark Hayes, the next tasting macaroni cheese before cutting to a VT of an interview with the Kim Kardashain. Afterwards I got to have a chat with Lorraine over breakfast and she let me in one who’s the trickiest celeb to interview (Harrison Ford would you believe!) and which celebrity interview she was most moved by, which was Bob Geldof talking about the death of Peaches.

Lorraine really was as warm and chatty in real life as she comes across on screen. Thanks ITV!

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