Introducing Monty

Introducing Monty

I can’t believe that I have left it to my fourth post to introduce Monty (after whom my blog is of course jointly named!). Monty is a much loved three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is a big part of my life so prepare to see and hear lots more all about him.


Pretty much every minute that we’re not at work, Nick and I are either talking about, admiring, cuddling or walking with Monty. He was even in the church when we got married last summer and came along on our honeymoon to Cornwall – we just couldn’t image doing it without him. Yes, yes, yes we’ve heard all the jokes about a surrogate baby, but to us he really is part of the family and we wouldn’t be without him.


So to give you a quick taste of who Monty is, here goes… he loves cuddling, walking, running, sheep, small children, playing tug of war, other dogs, Body Shop moisturisers, sleeping, make up, real fires, cosy dressing gowns and sausages

He hates, the colour yellow, water, nasty dogs (who doesn’t!) and anything that’s out of place.


Monty provides us with bucket loads of entertainment, including the time he fell into the canal (he was fine) and numerous time when he’s ran into strangers houses and got onto their bed (mortifying for us).

Holly and Nick's classic wedding at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire

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