Glamglow: Worth the hype?

Glamglow: Worth the hype?

Glamglow must have been one of the most reviewed and hyped brands of 2014 and I’m sure I was one of many that put a jar of the famous face mask on my Christmas list. Well that’s a lie actually, I was far too impatient to wait until Christmas and so treated myself to a tub of the truly scrumptious Thirsty Mud in an attempt to get my skin in tip top condition before the festivities began.

First off, the packaging is amazing! Metallic, heavy and pearlescent, it would be a shame to hide it away in the bathroom cabinet. Leaving it out on the kitchen table for guests to admire is the way to go!

The smell is also to die for – think coconutty, delicious yumminess that brings to mind long summer days. I opted for the Thirsty Mud over the other Glamglow products (such as Youth Mud or the Super Mud Clearing Treatment) as in winter my skin is more on the dry side of combination.

You can use the product like a traditional face mask – leaving on for 15-20 minutes before tissuing off or on particularly dry skin days (of which I have many) you can also leave the mask on overnight.

So is it worth the hype? In my opinion, absolutely yes. I smooth the moisture-giving mud over my face of an evening and leave it on for as long as possible.

I had imaged the product itself would be a thick mud-like texture but it is actually more of a thick, transparent moisturiser. If you wanted to leave this on your skin (during a long haul flight for example) it wouldn’t be completely obvious that you were wearing a face mask. My husband thought I I just had an extra shiny face after a too hot bath.

It provides a slight tingly sensation which is nice and afterwards my skin is so smooth and hydrated. Yes it is pricey at £49.99 for 50ml but if you’re looking for a luxurious treat for your skin, give it a go!