Favourite Jo Malone scents

Favourite Jo Malone scents

I made my first ever Jo Malone purchase in the summer of 2014 before my wedding. Every wedding magazine that I was feverishly reading at the time told me that the cream and black Jo Malone counter was the place to head to for beautiful bridal scents. I wasn’t disappointed.

On my special day I didn’t want to smell like I had ever smelt before, using a perfume that reminded me of other great holidays and nights out. I wanted a perfume that would forever remind of the day I got married. I still have that little empty bottle tucked away in a drawer and every time I get it out for a sentimental sniff I am instantly transported to that hot summers day last June and the uncharacteristically hot Cornish honeymoon (which Monty also attended!) that followed. It was Orange Blossom that I chose,  a beautiful summer fragrance, full of water lily and floral tones, that will forever be my all time favourite Jo Malone scent.

Once the summer had faded into autumn and then winter, I found another little Jo Malone bottle tucked in my Christmas stocking, this time is was the spicy Nutmeng and Ginger. So festive and warming and utterly addictive.

This summer I treated myself to another little timelessly designed bottle and plumped for the ever popular Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Can a perfume be fresh AND warm at the same time? Oh yes it can! Just image sitting in a windswept cafe along the shoreline on a summers day with the taste of sea salt in the air and you’ve got this scent.

These are just my three current favourites and I’m sure I’ll be hitting the Jo Malone counter for another one very very soon! Let me know which is your favourite fragrance in the comments below – I’d love to know!

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