Clarity Braces at 29

Clarity Braces at 29

Getting married, fostering a healthy savings account, buying a Mulberry handbag… these are what I had imagined I would be doing in the run up to my thirtieth birthday. What I did not image myself doing was spending the aforementioned savings on braces. No pricey handbags for me in 2015!

If there was one physical thing that I could change about myself, from the age of 10 I would have always said my teeth. I was actually supposed to get braces when I was a teenager, but being the stroppy and stubborn girl I was (and still am!) I said no. Since then I have accepted that I would never love my teeth and sometimes even hate them. I have overcrowding so some were quite wonky, but I had learnt the art of only ever being photographed some certain angles and deleting dodgy Facebook snaps instantly.

I can’t say exactly what finally promoted me into going for it with braces. I think I just thought to myself one day ‘why be unhappy with something if you can change it’. And so here I am now, at the age of 29, with Clarity Advanced braces. They are very similar in some ways to the scary metal looking braces that I was so terrified of 14 years ago, the only difference being is that they are slightly more discreet. The square things that stick to your teeth (the brackets) are clear and the wire that joins them all up is white.

Another thing that I did NOT expect to be doing this year is filming myself taking about braces and sticking it on the internet for all to see. However, once again that is exactly what I’m doing. You can check out my braces updates on my YouTube channel – Holly & Monty.

It seems like more and more adults are looking into getting braces nowadays, so hopefully someone somewhere will find my little videos useful.

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