22 weeks pregnant!

22 weeks pregnant!

I’m sorry to say that I have not posted on my blog for quite a while now – but I have good reason and that is that I have been busy growing a little baby! I am now 22 weeks and five days pregnant, more than half way through my pregnancy and looking forward to meeting our baby in December. The due date is actually 17th December so I have got everything crossed that he/she doesn’t actually arrive on Christmas Day – not the greatest day to have a birthday.

I will be documenting my pregnancy on the blog from here on in as well as the ups and downs of actually being a new mum - eek scary! Below are a few pictures of how the bump has been growing so far along with scan pictures from 13 weeks and 20 weeks. I have also been keeping a pregnancy journal so I can look back on what my symptoms were and when etc.

When I first got pregnant both Nick and I had a strong feeling that it was a boy – perhaps just because we have Monty (the dog) but who knows. We are not finding out whether or not its a boy or a girls as I have always wanted it to be a surprise. I am now 50/50 though – some people think girl and others boy.

Symptoms in the first trimester (up until 13 weeks) included feeling overwhelming tiredness and feeling sick. The only thing that made be feel a little better was eating so I practically always had a packet of crisps in my hand. Thankfully for my waistline that particular symptom has gone and in the past few months I have actually felt pretty good apart from the odd ache and pain. I started feeling the baby move properly whilst we were in Italy around week 17-18 and the kicks grew in strength really quickly – Nick could feel them too just a few days after they started. I now feel the baby’s every movement, it’s constantly wriggling around which is really lovely and reassuring.

More updates to follow soon!

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